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Alex Schmidt WKND Professional

He's an enigma man... buy Schmidt's first Pro board at

Exclusive Part: Alex Schmidt

Alex Schmidt possesses a perfect mixture of power and finesse, and his video parts are always unique and full of style. Hot on the ...

WKND's "Sir Palmer" Video

The whole WKND crew snags some airtime, but this vid is Alex Schmidt and Trevor Thompson's time to shine. Let the residents of ...

Alex Schmidt "A-Street"

for sale at

Why We All Take Selfies (And Why That's Great)

SUBSCRIBE HERE: Take a selfie of yourself watching this and ...

Alex Schmidt Skateboarding Reel

Alex Schmidt Skateboarding.

Leadership varies w examples w Alex Schmidt – EP 575

Grover Cleveland (not his real first name) and Benjamin Lay are very different leaders… and I learn a bunch about them from Alex ...

ALEX SCHMIDT answers your questions! -- Q&A

Thank you guys so much for watching this Q&A about lil, ol' me, Alex Schmidt. Comment below and tell me your thoughts please ...

Alexander Schmidt | Entertainment Host - HD

Hola Hola! My name is Alex, and this is a compilation of what I do as Activities Manager, between, Morning shows, Hosting of ...

Stereo Welcomes Alex Schmidt

Stereo Skateboards proudly welcomes Alex Schmidt to the team. Video filmed and edited by Cameron Holland.

Alex Schmidt on Theeve Trucks

Theeve Trucks is proud to welcome Alex Schmidt to the Am roster. Alex has been busy this year, traveling and skating throughout ...

Alex Schmidt - Summer Ends Again [Alex Edit] 2011

I'm letting the Boys edit their Samplers now, first Fresh now Alex! i think he did a fantastic job what do you think? I present to you: ...

Alex Schmidt - IN THA CLUB (Original Mix)

3. Song from My New EP GOLD Ep.

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