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There's freedom in admitting you're a bad person | with Brant Hansen

90% of us believe we're better than average. Could we all be fooling ourselves? Brant Hansen talks us through why admitting ...

How to Find True Faith When You Feel Like a Spiritual Misfit | Coffee Talk with Brant Hansen

Have you ever looked around at everyone having an emotional experience at church and thought, "... am I missing something?

Letting Go of Offenses - Brant Hansen

Let's face it. It's easy to be offended by someone while driving, or while at work, or at home. But citing Scripture, Brant Hansen ...

Brant & Sherri's Assortment of Wisdom & Complete Nonsense - The Brant Hansen Show

Time for Brant and Sherri to step on here with an assortment of possible wisdom and complete nonsense.

Forgiveness in an Age of Anger | Brant Hansen | TEDxHarrisburg

We think we're entitled to "righteous anger", but is it really so righteous? And does anger actually help us fight injustice? In an ...

Would Jesus Talk About Politics? | Coffee Talk with Brant Hansen

Explore why Jesus talked about a different kingdom instead of talking about politics. @Brant Hansen shows us why we don't have ...

3 Ways to Overcome Anxiety – The Brant Hansen Show

We're human, so we all struggle with anxiety. Here are three quick ways to help overcome anxiety and be more at peace.

Brant Hansen: Anger & Forgiveness | Sharing Hope

Watch this video with Brant Hansen, radio host and author, as he discusses: - what the bible says about our anger - the ...

Brant Hansen | The Truth About Us | Steve Brown, Etc. | Key Life

We're all sinful, sure, but we're not THAT bad. Right? This week, Steve and the gang sit down with radio host and author ...

The Work Refrigerator Song - The Brant Hansen Show Christian Comedy

Have you ever wondered why your items are disappearing from the fridge? Experience Brant's emotional new song, Everything Is ...

Make It Your Ambition To Mind Your Own Business - The Brant Hansen Show

Today on the Brant Hansen Show, get Brant's take on minding your own business, social media, and the only way off the guilt trip.

This Is Pretty Much The Brant Hansen Show

New to the show? This will explain everything to you. Includes: Lloyd cameo, hedgehogs, vikings, and check out the suaveness at ...

Life Lessons From Cozy The Dog - The Brant Hansen Show

Today on The Brant Hansen Show, enjoy life lessons from a dog, standing in awe of your larynx, and the power of words.

Feeling Discouraged? Experiencing Self-Doubt? - The Brant Hansen Show

Have you ever felt discouraged or experienced self-doubt? Maybe you are feeling discouraged today? In this episode, Brant ...

The Working Man Song by Brant Hansen – Let's Schedule Work Meetings

Have you ever been frustrated by too many meetings at your workplace? Then you are really going to identify with Brant Hansen's ...

3 Ways of Ignoring God. Are You Avoiding God? – The Brant Hansen Show

In this special edition of Brant's 3 Things (awesome chalkboard debut), Brant Hansen discusses three very impressive sounding ...

Lloyd's "Q-Tips" Quarantine Tips For Kids - The Brant Hansen Show

It's Lloyd's “Q-Tips” - Quarantine Tips for kids!! Enjoy the insight and high production values of this presentation!!!

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