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Carmen Tafolla, Ph.D. on Cultural Values

Dr. Tafolla briefly discusses cultural values and how she uses her research data in the classroom. The video was produced for ...

Mama's Birthday Present by Carmen Tafolla Read-aloud

AR# 911633 Realistic Fiction about a boy who wants to give his Mama a special gift.

Carmen Tafolla - A Life in Letters Documentary

A short biographical documentary about renowned poet Carmen Tafolla.


Carmen Tafolla, San Antonio's first poet laureate, reads her poem, "La Malinche".

What Can You Do With a Paleta?

This very lovely book was written by Carmen Tafolla and illustrated by Magaly Morales. It was published by Tricycle Press.

Poetry to the Pueblo: Carmen Tafolla

Join us on Tuesday, November 10 for the live webcast and a poetic tribute to Texas State Poet Laureate Dr. Carmen Tafolla.

CARMEN TAFOLLA - Right in One Language

Carmen Tafolla, San Antonio's first poet laureate, reads her poem, "Right in One Language".

Carmen Tafolla - "La Malinche" Discussion Group

A discussion of Carmen Tafolla's poem "La Malinche" featuring Gwendolyn Díaz, Ph.D., Professor of Literature, St. Mary's ...

San Antonio Poet Laureate Carmen Tafolla at Luminaria 2012

This video was produced by For Luminaria 2012, in the auditorium of the Instituto Cultural de México Carmen ...

20151029 Carmen Tafolla

Dr. Carmen Tafolla, Poet Laureate of Texas, gives a lecture at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas on October 29, 2015.

URBAN-15's Mega Corazon - Carmen Tafolla

URBAN-15 is proud to present the Mega Corazon Poetry Broadcast! In 2014, URBAN-15 gathered 24 San Antonio based poets ...

SA2020 Poem: "Dream It, Map It, Do It" by Carmen Tafolla

San Antonio's Poet Laureate Carmen Tafolla reads her poem, "Dream It, Map It, Do It" at an SA2020 event held May 2012 at ...

Carmen Tafolla: San Antonio heritage began before the missions

In this essay on video, Carmen Tafolla, the 2015 Poet Laureate of the State of Texas, asks us to change the way we look at history.

Dr. Carmen Tafolla for the Banned Books Virtual Read-Out!

Dr. Carmen Tafolla, poet laureate of San Antonio TX participates in the Banned Books Virtual Read-Out by reading a passage ...


Carmen Tafolla, San Antonio's first poet laureate, reads her poem, "The Magic".

Mega Corazon 2018 - Carmen Tafolla (Performance Excerpt)

In this video are two poems performed by Carmen Tafolla during her performance for the Mega Corazon poetry broadcast.

Carmen Tafolla

Carmen Tafolla.

Real Solutions to Gentrification Townhall #6: Carmen Tafolla

gentrification, esperanza peace and justice, esperanza, real solutions, 2014, mission trails, san antonio, texas, activism, nowcast, ...

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