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Ex-wife of man convicted for son's hot-car death speaks out

Leanna Taylor tells ABC News why she continues to support her ex-husband, Justin Ross Harris, who was found guilty of ...

Dad Leaves His Son in the Car On PURPOSE?! Cooper & Ross Harris

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Ross Harris murder trial: 911 call, dash cam video & witness James Hawkings

5:01 p.m.- Patnano says Harris's behavior did not seem like someone who had just lost their child. 4:58 p.m. - Pantano says that ...

I-Team: Ross Harris Trial: Cooper's car seat within inches of dad

By: Randy Travis Aired: Apr 11 2016 MARIETTA, Ga. - Unhappy with being a father. Addicted to sexting. Marital infidelity.

Police start to suspect Justin Ross Harris after son's death: Part 2 | ABC News

Authorities grew suspicious of Harris after surveillance footage showed he went back to the car once while his son was still inside.

Episode 1 Cooper Harris The Texas Way

In this video, I'll be introducing not only myself but what you can expect to see as my channel progresses. This short video gives ...

Detective: 'We've only scratched the surface'

Detective Phil Stoddard says Justin Harris was sexting with other women, including minors, while Cooper was in the car.

JUSTIN ROSS HARRIS - 👮‍♂️ Interrogation (Pt. 1 of 2) (2016)

NOTE: Although I usually edit out the parts where a suspect is left alone for this one I didn't. The alone time was one of the ...

Ross Harris breaks down in tears as medical examiner talks about Cooper's slow death

Ross Harris is accused of leaving his toddler son Cooper in a hot car to die.

LIVE: Sentence in Hot Car Toddler Death - Justin Ross Harris

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The Cooper Harris Story

The story of little Cooper Harris who passed away on Jun 18, 2014 after being left in a hot SUV.

RAW: Patrol car video of officer responding to scene of Cooper Harris Death

The moments police arrived after Justin Ross Harris discovered son Cooper Harris' body in his hot SUV.

Justin Ross Harris' Ex-Wife Speaks Out After Guilty Verdict

Leanna Taylor took to Facebook to lash out at critics of herself and Harris, who was found guilty of intentionally leaving his and ...

Jury finds Justin Ross Harris guilty of murder

A Georgia jury finds Justin Ross Harris guilty of murder in the death of his 22-month-old son, Cooper, who was locked in a hot car ...

Ross Harris trial - Ex wife, Leanna, testifies

Ross Harris trial - Ex wife, Leanna, testifies.

A Devil Down in Georgia

On the morning of July 18th, 2014, Ross Harris was expected to bring his 22-month-old son Cooper to daycare on his way to work.

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