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Danielle Trotta Major Leg Show

Danielle Trotta from 2/10/16 edition of NASCAR Race Hub, showing off her thick thighs. I love her legs.

Danielle Trotta (FS1)

Danielle Trotta's thick legs and side ass, from NASCAR Race Hub on Fox Sports 1. I love the way her ass hangs off the side of the ...

Danielle Trotta Amazing Rear Shots in Skinny Jeans | FS1

The last of the "white girl with an ass" on national sports network, Danielle Trotta showing off her delicious figure in tight jeans from ...

Meaty Danielle Trotta | FS1

The stunning figure of Danielle Trotta on full display. From NASCAR Race Hub on FS1.

Super Thick Danielle Trotta | FS1

Danielle Trotta from 6/29/15 edition of NASCAR Race Hub; looking thick as f_ck in a short black number.

Thick Danielle Trotta in Black (FS1)

Danielle Trotta, from NASCAR Race Hub on FS1.

Introduction: New Co-Anchor Danielle Trotta

Until now, only seven people had sat in the hot seat on the show. Danielle is now "officially" the 8th co-anchor of Football Friday ...

Danielle Trotta Ass {REMIX} | FS1

Danielle Trotta, in her super thick paws days, from NASCAR Race Hub.

God Damn, Molly McGrath (oh, and Danielle Trotta & Charissa Thompson)

The Fox Foxes; Molly McGrath, Charissa Thompson and Danielle Trotta from Fox Sports 1.

Danielle Trotta | FS1

Super thick Danielle Trotta from NASCAR Race Hub.

Danielle Trotta and Molly McGrath (FS1)

Danielle Trotta and her meaty thighs, from NASCAR Race Hub; and Molly McGrath from America's Pregame.

Danielle Hot-to-Trotta Showing off Her Thickness | FS1

Danielle Trotta from NASCAR Race Hub on FS1. Seeing Danielle makes me miss my other PAWG Jamie Maggio.

The Leg Show : Charissa Thompson, Danielle Trotta & Julie Stewart-Binks

Charissa Thompson from her once a week appearance on Fox Sports Live showing off her beautiful legs. Julie Stewart-Binks has ...

Thick Danielle Trotta in a Tight, Purple Dress FS1

Juicy Danielle Trotta, from NASCAR Race Hub.

Danielle Trotta Wearing a Sexy, Tight Red Dress - 1/21/2016

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