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How it all Started for Diop Kamau

How it all Started for Diop Kamau Pert 2.

Message Magazine Weekend - "Know Your Rights" - Diop Kamau, CEO, Police Abuse Investigations

"Know Your Rights" Speaker: American Civil Rights Activist, Diop Kamau, CEO of Police Abuse Investigations (Policeabuse.com)

How it all Started for Diop Kamau

A look at the history of Diop Kamau. Part 1.

LAPD-My name is Diop Kamau. I have no weapons

A group of Los Angeles police officers illegally stopped my vehicle in retaliation for something I had done 15 minutes earlier.

Diop Kamau Holmes County Florida

Case Interviews and News Reports.

Parkersburg City Police evaluation by Expert Witness Diop Kamau of the Police Complaint Center

Here is the 1.5 year investigation report of the Parkersburg Police Department by nationally recognized Diop Kamau of ...

Diop Kamau Deposition Excerpts

Portions of Diop Kamau's deposition testimony.

Don Jackson to Diop Kamau

This was an important stage in my career documented by one of the Best journalist in the world, John Hockenberry.

Parkersburg City Police-Original Complaint from Police Complaint Center(Diop Kamau)

In March of 2009 Mr. Libert contacted the Police Complaint Center in regard to an illegal search of his home in regard to a security ...

Diop Kamau training certificates

Certificates of training for Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Diop Kamau and Tyra Ferrell at Florida State University Center for Leadership and Social Change

A discussion about race , patriotism , Colin Kaepernick and the police.

Diop Kamau Depositon

Diop Kamau discusses blackmail prostitution ploy part 1/2.

Qik - Mobile video by Diop Kamau

Streamed by Diop Kamau in United States. More at http://qik.com/dkamau Qik is the fastest way to upload videos to YouTube from ...

Diop Kamau Deposition - 2/2

Diop Kamau testifes concerning his role in a blackmail prostitution ploy. Part 2/2.

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