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Gene Principe's Fortnite-themed preview

Gene Principe previews the Oilers-Canucks matchup with a Fortnite theme For the latest hockey action, subscribe to our channel ...

Gene Principe goes full Irish ahead of Oilers/Bruins match up

Check out Gene Principe do an outstanding job teeing up the Oilers, Bruins match up with a St. Patty's day theme.

Edmonton police take Gene Principe to the “pun-itentiary”

Gene Principe has finally pushed his puns too far, forcing the police to arrest him and take him to the “pun-itentiary.”

Gene Principe gets into the Valentine's Day spirit for pregame report

Sportsnet reporter Gene Principe shows off his loving spirit a day after Valentine's Day as he dons a pair of wacky glasses along ...

Gotta See It: Gene Principe not a fan of smelling salts

The Oilers are doing whatever it takes to get themselves going, and Gene Principe is no different. Watch as he subjects himself to ...

Gotta See It: Dude Where’s My... Gene Principe?

Watch as Gene Principe joins Tim and Sid from Anaheim where the Edmonton Oilers are preparing to face the Anaheim Ducks.

Classic Gene Principe has ‘eyes in the back of his head’

Check out his latest classic broadcasting moment, as Sportsnet Oilers reporter Gene Principe definitely has "eyes in the back of ...

Gene Principe tries Blake Coleman's pickle juice remedy

Gene Principe may not have enjoyed Blake Coleman's preferred drink choice of pickle juice, but he gave it a shot and that's what ...

Connor McDavid Injury Analysis w/ Mark Spector & Gene Principe

Gene Principe and Mark Spector discuss the recent injury news surrounding Oilers forward Connor McDavid ...

NHL Trade Deadline with Gene Principe

We have Sportsnet guy Gene Principe with his thoughts on the Trade Deadline, will we know what the Oilers will look like going ...

Gene Principe gets into the St. Patrick's Day spirit for pregame report

Sportsnet reporter Gene Principe shows off his St. Patrick's Day spirit by donning a green vest and hat during his unique pregame ...

A Gene Principe Moment

dear lord. Just stop, Gene. November 16, 2014 Oilers vs Coyotes... Gene gangnam style. So horrible.

THE QUIZ | Gene Principe

On the first episode of Rinks Around the League 'The Quiz', guest Gene Principe tries his best to answer some skill testing ...

Gotta See It: Gene Gene the Dancing Machine

Watch as Sportsnet's Gene Principe shows off some amazing dance moves, including the “Hey, Pakarinen”.

Watch: Smyth's liberal slash on Principe, Spector

Ryan Smyth's year-long assault on the tender rears of Gene Principe and Mark Spector has them resorting to wearing hockey ...

Gene Principe interviews Georges Laraque

Gene asks Georges about his time in Edmonton, his health, his new life and what Georges thinks about the team right now.

ASK AN OILER | Wayne Gretzky Pt 1

Gene Principe chats with Wayne Gretzky in part one of Ask An Oiler presented by Sportsnet.

Gene Principe Having Props of Pun

Gene Principe brings his A game (I think) as he's a guest star on Connected.

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