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Q&A Part 2 | Ask Ivan :)

Sorry about the last part -.- that happened because I added a picture .-.` Instagram - hesxivaan Snapchat - luis7877 Kik ...

My Trip to Puerto Rico 💕 #Vlog

Comment what you want me to do next?

Building up confidence. Just me being me ❤️😎

Hi if you're reading this, thanks for watching. that's all (: Very Antonio Garza Inspired btw (; I luv her.

Why my life is a mess LOL

I tried to make this video as positive & funny as possible. but I am being serious. My job is literally giving me nightmares ): DM ME ...

Getting ready before work 😂

I hope my manager doesn't caught me recording in the cameras because I would be fuced haha.

Supporter of the week!

Instagram: @hesxivaan.

Why I left social media back in 2015. 🥺

I felt like I owed everyone an explanation so luv me again pls 🥺 & I will give you all my time, love, & effort in return. Also if you ...

Didn't post this on insta because it was too long but here it is ! ❤️

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Extracting Variance Risk premium Part I

Initial discussion about Variance Risk Premium and ways of profitingt from it. For more information please visit: ...

Los hijos de Jackie Guerrido revelaron secretos de su infancia

Jackie Guerrido habló de los difíciles inicios que tuvo al ser madre adolescente y soltera. ¿Cómo superó la adversidad con dos ...

El tiempo con Jackie Guerrido 08/17/12

17 de Agosto de 2012. Presentadoras: Bárbara Bermudo Pamela Silva Conde Jackie Guerrido Rosana Franco Natalia Cruz ...

Jackie Guerrido Primer Impacto 2016 Mar 29

Jackie Guerrido Primer Impacto 2016 Mar 30.

Jerome Guerrido- Home Field Hunter

Jerome Guerrido- Guard/Forward from Toa Alta, Puerto Rico.

Jackie Guerrido es, seguramente, la abuela más espectacular que conoces

Nuestra querida presentadora ya es abuela de una hermosa niña. La bebé vio la luz en un hospital en Arizona, donde vive su ...

Don Omar cancela en el último minuto la entrevista que tenía pactada con Jackie Guerrido

La presentadora de Primer Impacto y exesposa del reggeatonero había pactado una entrevista con Don Omar e Ivy Queen por el ...

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