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John Fahey - Fare Forward Voyagers (Full Album)

00:00 When the Fire and the Rose Are One 13:54 Thus Krishna on the Battlefield 20:31 Fare Forward Voyagers.

John Fahey - America [Full Album 1974] (Vinyl Rip)

Tracklist: The Voice of the Turtle 0:00 The Waltz That Carried Us Away and Then a Mosquito Came and Ate Up My Sweetheart ...

In Search of Blind Joe Death: The Saga of John Fahey 2012

Фильм переведён на русский язык.

John Fahey-Red Pony 1969

Label Site: My Space: John Fahey is truly an ...

John Fahey 01 Wine and Roses

The dance and death and other plantations favorites - 1964.

John Fahey Live Germany 1978 Hamburg Part 1

On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean 2:22 - Hawaiian Two-Step / Spanish Two-Step 6:05 - Lion / Tiger (evolved from How Long) 8:08 ...

John Fahey - The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick (Full Album)

00:00 Introduction 00:12 When the Springtime Comes Again 10:01 Joe Kirby Blues 13:46 Requiem for Mississippi John Hurt ...

"Womblife" - John Fahey (Full Album)

1) Sharks 2) Planaria 3) Eels 4) Coelacanths 5) Juana (Table Of The Elements; 1997)

John Fahey - The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party

John Fahey 1966 - Great San Bernardino Birthday.

John Fahey-Requiem for John Hurt

Off "Requia" album (1968) Not to be confused with Requiem for Mississipi John Hurt. This song is just so damn beautiful.

John Fahey- Sligo River Blues

One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

John Fahey - Sunflower River Blues

Beautiful song by the iconic guitarist John Fahey. No copyright infringement intended.

John Fahey live at the New Varsity 1981

01 Sunny Side of the Ocean 1:22 02 Spanish Two-Step / Hawaiian Two-Step 5:08 03 Spanish Flang Dang 6:52 04 Lion 9:08 05 ...

"Poor Boy A Long Way From Home" taught by John Fahey

John Fahey (aka Blind Joe Death) teaches "Poor Boy A Long Way From Home." From the DVD "The Guitar of John Fahey Vol. 2.

Sunflower River Blues - John Fahey Cover

Sunflower River Blues - John Fahey Cover | Josh Turner Guitar Livestreaming soon: ...

Two Songs by John Fahey

John Fahey performs "In Christ There Is No East Or West," talks about his relationship with Elizabeth Cotten, and then plays a ...

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