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The Fall of Kerry Von Erich | DARK SIDE OF THE RING

At the height of his fame as the Texas Tornado, Kerry Von Erich's greatest battles were outside of the ring. An extra scene ...

NWA WCCW Ric Flair vs. Kerry Von Erich - Cage Match 12/25/82

WCCW Christmas Star Wars 12/25/82 NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs. Kerry Von Erich Steel Cage Match ...

Kerry Von Erich wins the NWA World Championship May, 06, 1984

The "Modern Day Warrior" or "the Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich's biggest career highlight was on May 6, 1984, when he beat ...

Shawn Michaels vs. The Texas Tornado (Kerry Von Erich)

Shawn Michaels vs. The Texas Tornado July 17, 1992 - World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Prime Time Rest in peace, Kerry Von ...

Kerry Von Erich vs. Harley Race: WCCW, June 19, 1982

Kerry Von Erich battles multi-time NWA Heavyweight Champion Harley Race. GET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for ...

Kerry Von Erich Tribute

For Kerry Adkisson ~ February 3 1960 - February 18 1993.

Pat Tanaka - When Kerry Von Erich's Foot Came Off During Our Match

Pat Tanaka (Bad Company/Orient Express) on the Kerry Von Erich match where Kerry's foot came off! ➤ http://TitleMatchNetwork ...

Kerry Von Erich vs. Tanaka (02-09-1992)

"Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich faces Tanaka. (Wrestling Challenge, February 9th 1992)

Kerry Von Erich vs. Sid Vicious

Sid was a big deal at the time. Here he's the CWA champion.

Black Bart - Kerry Von Erich's Last Match & Tragic Moments Before His Death

Former WCCW Champ/NWA star Black Bart on wrestling Kerry Von Erich in his last match ever & what led to his death ➤ http ...

WWF The Undertaker vs The Texas Tornado (Kerry Von Erich)

The Phenom (with Paul Bearer) keep invicted with his first matches, this time against The Texas Tornado. Tombstone Piledriver!!!!

Kerry Von Erich's Final Taped Match PART 1

In perhaps his final taped bout before committing suicide, Kerry further shows why he wasn't playing with a full deck. As Von Erich ...


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(HD) Von Erichs Tragedy. Heroes Of World Class Championship Wrestling Documentary

Von Erich's Sad Story From Start To Finish. A Must Watch Documentary For True Wrestling Fans. Heroes Of WCCW.

Jerry ``The King`` Lawler vs Kerry Von Erich

December 13, 1988. Chicago, Illinois. Title unification match between the AWA World Heavyweight Champion and the WCCW ...

Sid Vicious on Kerry Von Erich

Sid Vicious on working with Kerry Von Erich 4 time World Champion "Psycho" Sid Vicious talks about working with Kerry Von ...

Kerry Von Erich vs One Man Gang 5/5/85

2nd Annual Parade of Champions Kerry vs OMG with Fritz Von Erich cuffed to Gary Hart.

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