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Lisa Joann Thompson- In Living Color Fly Girl

Lisa Thompson and the other Fly Girlz dance to Cypress Hill joint. Gangsta. Love it.

In Living Color- Fly Girls - Lisa Thompson [best Fly Girl ever]!

Fly Girls perform "Rump Shaker". Lisa Joann Thompson was the best Fly Girl [along with Jossie] that show ever saw! She is tearin ...

Lisa Joann Thompson & Jossie Thacker - Best Fly Girls on show

Lisa Joann Thompson and Jossie Thacker dance in freestyle circle with Break-dancers. In my opinion, all the other Fly Girls on ...

Fly Girlz - Season 4, Episode 13

Music: Scratch Bring it Back (EPMD) Solo Dance by Lisa Joann Thompson.

Lisa Joann Thompson - Early life

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Fly Girl - Lisa Thompson

When Lisa Thompson arrived on "In Living Color" that show finally got some real street flava. It was all bouncing and bopping ...

In Living Color Fly Girlz - Lisa Joann Thompson dancing to Yo Yo

The Fly Girlz do a number to "You Better Ask Somebody" by Yo Yo. Lisa Thompson [THE] Fly Girl.

Fly Girlz - Season 5, Episode 14

Another solo dance from Lisa Thompson.

Fly Girlz - Season 4 Premiere

Season 4 Premiere: w/ new cast members Alexandra Wentworth & Marlon Wayans; New Fly Girls: Jossie Harris & Lisa Thompson.

Lisa Thompson / God’s “Rhythm of Grace”

It's our pleasure to hear a word of encouragement from Bayside/Folsom's Lisa Thompson today, as she shares - through Eugene ...

Jo Ann Campbell - (I'm The Girl) From Wolverton Mountain 1962 (Country Music Greats)

Cameo Records - Jo Ann Campbell - (I'm The Girl) From Wolverton Mountain 1962 Music written by Merle Kilgore & Claude King.

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