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MC Chris - WiiD

"WiiD" From the Album "Dungeon Master of Ceremonies" 420 Views on August 02, 2008. 10000 Views on December 10, 2008.

MC Chris-Fett's Vette

MC Chris- Fett's Vette Off the album Life's a Bitch and I'm Her Pimp.

mc chris is dreaming (2016) full album OFFICIAL

00:00 mc chris is dreaming 04:05 blister packaging 07:37 mc chris the shit 10:19 spanky 12:26 sad sack 14:35 big meeting at ...

MC Chris - I Want Candy

i cant believe that i haven't put this up yet.

mc chris - Hoodie Ninja

Video for "hoodie ninja" off of mc chris's new album "mc chris is dead" I used Ninja 3: The Domination Duel to the Death American ...

the mc chris cartoon pitch (rough animation)

the mc chris cartoon has been a dream of mine since i released my first album in 2001. that's 12 years of dreams! after being ...

mc chris - I Want Candy at Notcon2017

mc chris performing his legendary I Want Candy at Notcon. Full video at

MC Chris - Nrrrd Grrrl music video

Producers: Cyan Banister, Kyle Parker, Cianna P. Stewart - for "Nrrrd Grrrl" by MC Chris music video competition.

Mc Chris - Older Crowd

Mc Chris Rocks. If u think he sucks u shud quit ur job and play runescape at the local library for the rest of your life. MC is a huge ...

mc chris - Han Solo

Download the song here: Lyrics: ...

CHRIS - Se Você Quiser [Prod. Fernal] (Lyric Video)

Contato para shows: [email protected] CHRIS - Se Você Quiser Letra: Chris Prod: Marco Fernal Lyric: Kali Exec: Renato ...

mc chris - tasty face

Lyrics and download for $1 at All proceeds go to American Cancer Society. music: mc chris - tasty face ...

MC Chris is a Jerk to His Fans

MC Chris has a history of kicking fans from his show for petty reasons and more recently has been involved in a flame war with his ...

MC Chris - IG-88 (music video)

why you got to player hate on IG-88?

mc chris - mc chris is dead

music vid for "mc chris" is dead off off mc chris's new album "mc chis is dead"

mc chris - Neville

Just for fun I decided to make a video to the mc chris song Neville. Wanna help mc chris make a cartoon? Go here for more info ...

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