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Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 3 | Omar Salazar, Brian Anderson, Blake Carpenter, John Fitzgerald

Nike SB veterans Omar Salazar and Brian Anderson shared SB Chronicles, Vol. 3. part with young guns Blake Carpenter and ...

Omar Salazar - Mind Field

Omar Salazar video part from the Alien Workshop Mind Field video. Watch the entire Mind Field video at

Double Rock: Omar Salazar

The truth is out there, folks. Just ask Fox Mulder. Aliens are among us...

Omar Salazar: Nike x Levi's® 511 Skateboarding Collaboration

Omar Salazar and videographer Benny Maglinao are two incredibly talented dudes. Levi's and Nike gave them the opportunity to ...

Omar Salazar's Alien Workshop Skateboard Setup, Alli Sports

Omar Salazar skates with speed and style -- lots and lots of speed. Check in with Omar as he goes through his current complete ...

Omar Salazar : Krooked Guest Pro

Krooked Guest rider Omar Salazar and Ronnie Sandoval. Limited Edition hand numbered guest decks available now.

Omar Salazar Tells The Doom Sayers Club Story

In the wake of Independent's Omar Salazar Doom Sayers chapter collection, Omar opens up about how he came up with Doom ...

Omar Salazar Nike SB Release Demo

With the unleashing of Omar Salazar's new shoe, Nike rounded up their crew and threw a demo up in Sacramento.

Omar Salazar Behind the Scenes

The Levi's x Nike commercial had some difficult shots, and the moving train was one of the toughest. Omar explains.

First Look: Omar Salazar

Omar takes a look through the May 2012 issue while chilling with a dog.

BS with TG : Omar Salazar Part 1

Tommy Guerrero's show BS With TG with special guest Omar Salazar. Part 1 of 2. ...

Omar Salazar Nothing but the truth

I've had this for a while, but I hadn't seen it. Great song. Pure fun and energy.

What's In OMAR SALAZAR's Trunk? | Brandon Biebel

My Man Omar Rolled Up The Other Day And I Knew We Had To Put Him On Camera Since He Always Whips Into The Park!

Hall Of Meat: Omar Salazar

A ledge snags the board, which trips up the feet, which sends Omar straight to his back. All of that, plus an unhappy surprise ...

Omar Salazar Helps Design the First-Ever Dew Tour Streetstyle Course

Omar Salazar talks about his input with the Dew Tour's streetstyle course design. Streetstyle is a brand new event this year taking ...

Nike SB Omar Salazar - Welcome to Outer Space

Nike Skateboarding and Omar Salazar's new sneaker campaign.

First Look - February 2010 w/ Neckface & Omar Salazar

Omar Salazar and Neckface stopped by the plant to get a first look at the February 2010 issue, and to peep the Prevent This ...

Omar Salazar Nike SB Skate Shoes

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