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Richard Malouf: On Becoming A Dentist

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Richard Malouf tells of his inspiration to become a dentist, how he wanted to help people, his ...

Richard Malouf: Malouf Family History

See more at In this exclusive interview with Dr. Richard Malouf, he opens up about his family ...

Your Own Private Retreat in Dallas, Texas

10711 Strait Ln, Dallas, TX 75229 See more at ...

Report on Richard Malouf, DDS FBI Investigations - July 23, 2013

WFAA - Byron Harris reports on previous FBI investigation of Dr. Richard Malouf - July 23, 2013.



WFAA TV - Taxpayer funded Richard J. Malouf's jets September 2011

WFAA TV, Byron Harris talks to Texas attorney, Jim Moriarty about the corporate practice of dentistry.

The Malouf Family Is Actually Poor!

Hi guys its Keid here back with another funny commentary comedy video that's completely satire! This video is about the malouf ...

Richar Malouf sues over pictures of home

WFAA- Richard Malouf files suit against his neighbor, Byron Harris and Realtor for taking pictures.

Texas Attorney General files suit against Dr. Richard Malouf - All Smiles Dental

WFAA - Byron Harris Reports on charged filed by Texas AG against a major fraudster in Texas orthodontic. - June 26, 2012.

All Smiles Dental - Dr. Malouf Fraud Settlement March 21, 2012

WFAA - Byron Harris - All Smiles Dental - Dr. Malouf Fraud Settlement.

Keeping the Faith - Richard Malouf (with Donna Lynch)

'Keeping The Faith' with Donna Lynch is here again! This time she speaks with Richard Malouf, 'Brisbane Pharmacy King' as he ...

Who is Sunny Malouf? (watch this to find out)

This video is about Sunny malouf.

We threw my sister the best 16th birthday party ever

Happy 16th Birthday Sunny!! ▻ SUBSCRIBE to be the FIRST to see my new videos!

Richard Malouf: Injunction Against WFAA, Byron Harris and Candace Evans Dr. Richard Malouf is a well-known Dallas entrepreneur. A Dallas judge recently granted a temporary ...

Richard J. Malouf House July 12, 2012

WFAA- Byron Harris reports on Richard Malouf home that now includes a water park.

Welcome To My House - Sunny Malouf Ft. Silentó

Cover to Flo Rida "Welcome To My House" Sunny Malouf and Silentó Sunny removed it, so I managed to archive it All Credit to ...

Texas All Smiles Dental Centers files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Byron Harris - WFAA reporter does it again. Medicaid dentist Dr. Richard Malouf's company files for bankruptcy while he expands ...

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