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John William Tuohy

Son of a Son of a Sailor.

CNN Official Interview: 'Blind Side' football player, Michael Oher tells all

Michael Oher, the football player who inspired the movie "The Blind Side," tells Piers Morgan about his birth mother.

pictures of people taking pictures of people

pictures of people taking pictures of people from Maine to California.

Coco Beach, Florida

Photos by John William Tuohy mywriterssite.blogspot.com.

Margaret Thatcher interview | Conservative Party | TV Eye | 1979

Denis Tuohy interviews the leader of the Conservative party - Margaret Thatcher on the eve of the 1979 General election.

The National Cathedral, Washington DC

Photos by John William Tuohy. Mywriterssite.Blogspot.Com.

Dannys Birthday 2016

My Brother Danny was born August 24, 1956. Cancer took him from us in October of 2015, only a few weeks after his birthday.

Our Town: Ansonia Connecticut

A quick tour of the finest city in the state of Connecticut.

253-The Dame of Sark

In June 1940, German forces took the Channel Islands, a small British dependency off the coast of France. They expected the ...

Austin and the Texas Hill Country

Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

Mary and Bart

Best friends forever.

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